We believe that integral health and healing are the most basic goals of the human experience, and that in order to achieve this we need preventive and ongoing self-care. We bring together the science of the human body coupled with the art of clinical touch to create the space where healing and restoration can begin. Allow us to accompany you on your journey toward thriving health and balance.


Pressure Point Massage

Massage Therapy

Our office is located in the premises of Atlas Quiropráctica, in Caguas. We are part of an amazing team of chiropractic doctors. Because you come to our clinic, our massage may include hot towels and stones to provide additional muscle relief.

Starting at $80 at this location.


Pregnancy Massage

A restorative and therapeutic touch directed at the dynamic changes that occur during pregnancy and after giving birth. We use pillows and side lying position to make you feel very comfortable, so as not to put pressure on the baby and facilitate circulation. At our location in Atlas Quiropráctica.

Starting at $80 at this location.

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Chair Massage

Are  you are looking to add variety to your family reunion, business meeting or other event? Chair massage is your solution. Allow our massage therapist to help you strum up new business leads, ease tension among your clients, or add variety to your special function with chair massage. 

Upon availability.

Remote Massage Event

Would you like massage therapy service for your special event (i.e.: birthday, anniversary, graduation, bridal shower, etc…)? Vidasana will step out of the office and provide relaxation at your site for parties of 3 or more. Upon availability.


Head Massage

1 hr. Customized Massage

A tailor-made massage combining an array of different massage modalities depending on your needs. reflexology, trigger point therapy, acupressure, passive and assisted stretching, deep tissue, swedish, sports massage, thai stretching, etc.  


1.5 hr. Customized Massage

In this 1.5 hr. customized massage, there is more time to address chronic discomforts and long-standing injuries by reorganizing the connective tissue that has become bunched and/or shortened. A combination of different massage modalities depending on your needs such as reflexology, trigger point therapy, acupressure, passive and assisted stretching, deep tissue, swedish, sports massage, Thai stretching may be used with ample time to regenerate. 



Caguas, Puerto Rico


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